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Procedure + Process

Kids Doctor Checkup

To honor the child's cultural development, it's strongly advised that the patient and their family incorporate their unique music into the circumcision ceremony.


This occasion offers a wonderful opportunity for family members to engage in the celebration through prayers, songs, and cultural ceremonies.


The procedure entails administering local anesthesia, preparing the penis and groin area, inspecting the foreskin, removing excess foreskin, and suturing with absorbable sutures.


Following the procedure, comprehensive post-care instructions will be provided to the parents, and scheduling a follow-up evaluation within 24 to 48 hours is imperative to ensure the child's optimal well-being.


Though the individual undergoing the procedure will be awake, there should be no pain during its execution. However, some discomfort may occur after the procedure when the local anesthetic wears off, which can be alleviated with painkillers.


For newborns, circumcision is quicker and easier than for adolescents and adults, with a shorter healing period.

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