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This information will help you understand what you can expect, and it will help you safely prepare for your child’s surgery.

Talk to your boy about the surgery. Tell your son that the surgery will remove the skin on the head of his penis. Older boys will understand well and children will appreciate a simpler version of the reasons.

We encourage you to have your boy bring something that will distract and entertain them. We recommend a book or a Tablet device that will allow them to play games or watch a video.

Plan for your child’s recovery time. He may need more of your time right after the surgery, both for care and for comfort. Your child will probably be able to go back to school or daycare in 1 week.


The presence of a parent is very helpful, for younger boys especially.


For Babies:

Finish feeding the baby one full hour before the circumcision. This avoids painful indigestion from a recent meal, though is not so long that your baby will be overly hungry. For the circumcision, your son should be dressed in short T-shirt, socks, and wrapped in a flannel receiving blanket.


Give your baby 0.5 ml of infant Tylenol,  approximately one hour prior to the circumcision. This will help reduce pain during and after the procedure.

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