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Care Following Circumcision – First 24 Hours

Upon completion of the procedure, the child's penis will be wrapped to give him some comfort and support. This dressing should not be removed.


If the dressing falls off, leave it off.  Just keep the wound from being contaminated from the stool. It is fine as long as the child is urinating freely.


We will see the child within 24 two 72 hours for follow up. Should you have any reason to have any concerns and want to return to the clinic sooner, please do so.


We will contact you to check on the child that same evening to make sure everything is going well.

The child should not be in any pain for the first day of the procedure. He should be able to urinate freely. However do give the child some Tylenol before he goes to bed.

With regards to the follow up, you are expected to return to the clinic within 24 to 72 hours to assess the dressing and wound.

Baby Lying Down
Couple Hugging

Should you decide not to return to the clinic please let us know or give us some information how the child is doing.

Please follow the after care instructions given to you when you left the clinic.

The very next day the child may experience some soreness, as long as he is urinating fine there would be no problem. 

You should also expect some staining of the dressing like blood as a result of the urine diluting the remnants of the blood under dressing. You should not be alarmed by that. Do not remove the dressing. Just make sure that your child is urinating freely. Sometimes when the child urinates it may burn slightly that's because the urine is salty will sting burn across some discomfort ready ghost George the one site.

Keep your child snugly swaddled. The less he moves his legs the less discomfort he will have.  With each diaper change (no more than 4 hours apart).


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